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It was love at first sigh. A buzzing and tingling sensation that started out on the skin and spred to all the other senses, making your chest drum

Guadeloupe is a 6-island archipelago, as diverse as it can get. From classy Saint-Francois in Grande-Terre to rustic Sainte-Rose in Basse-Terre, and authentic back-in-time Marie-Galante... the array of experiences as a foodie, nature-lover, history buff, thrill-seeker, family person is so wide that you can never get enough. What strikes the most within the 1st 24hours is the combination of scents and spices in the air; the musicality present in the vibrant nature life (especially at night), the creole (native language), the songs, and oh God, the colors and patterns lavishly applied to the landscape, people, food, crafts.

This beauty, ingenuity, creativity has also transferred on the people and their talent. And this is exactly what you get with this store. A piece of the archipelago and each island through the talents, artisans and people that make it, directly at your doorstep, with international delivery


Pikyanga is named after a terroir vegetable with a funny shape, often used in local hindou-inspired dishes like Colombo. Traditionnally used by our knowledgeble grand-parents, it somehow, in the mist of consumerism fell out of use, only to be reclaimed lately by its population, gaining cultural empowerment. So voilà! Pikyanga is the all in one delicatessen, art and craft, gourmet shack bridging the gap between tradition, modern and creative for the locally Made in. Because talent, and what to bring as a souvenir from our islands go way beyond the Rhum-only tag. So we'll be your partner in crime in your sweet tooth moment, when you want to try out a deliciously easy island specialty with our blend of spices, your deco eyes when you want to give your interior an island edge, and even your concierge when you're on the watch for forget-me-not gifts whether for family, friend, or business partners. Going that extramile to give you an enhanced taste of the island is what drives us. For instant sunny trips to recharge your batteries amid island atmosphere and legacy without the ticket cost, check out God... or our line of Island-Trotter Boxes, a 5D prime discovery of the island true colors.


For worlwide delivery we offer 2 options.

- the french postal service, especially Colissimo, with average transit time of 6-9 days within the Caribbean, Europe and the USA. For other destinations count an avg of 2 weeks. Bear in mind that as Colissimo works with weight groups, if you want to make the most out of your shipment, fully use the weight paid monitoring gross packaged weight of articles in your basket ..

-, a crowd-shipping operator, allowing passengers to order on the website for you, get delivered, travel with it and remit it in person to the recipient at the arrival airport. Just post your request on their website and you'll get contacted by next-in line passenger on your destination of choice. Cheaper than Fedex when you're in high season.

- For domestic delivery (Guadeloupe and Martinique) we work with messengers.

For the tasty, eye-catching, environmentally responsible, civic selection of articles that allow you to contribute to the preservation, sustainable development, and livelihood of these vulnerable territories and its talented and kind people you can count on us. Bon voyage


Monday through Friday :

08:30-17:30 via phone +590 690 296 141

Via mail : allow 24h for us to get back to you (work days)

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